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Create a theme CSS file and write it to the current working directory


create_theme(name = "theme", edit = TRUE)



Name of theme file (will be written as name.css)


Open an editor for the theme file


How do you apply a custom theme to a Distill site or blog? You have two options:

  1. Apply it site-wide by adding a theme key to the top-level of your _site.yml configuration file:

    name: "distill"
    title: "Distill for R Markdown"
    theme: theme.css
      # (navbar definition here)

  2. Apply to an individual article by adding a theme key to your article’s YAML front-matter:

    title: "The Sharpe Ratio"
        toc: true
        theme: theme.css

The second option allows for you to apply your theme to individual articles, while using a different theme for the rest of your site. Note that this is only possible for stand-alone articles within a website — you cannot apply a theme to individual blog posts only.

More details

For further details about theming refer to the online documentation.